Aim / Objectives / Activities

IndiaEschool has been formed to promote and support primary education of children. Our goal is to enhance the quality of education being imparted, with a focus on children of the economically weaker sections of our population; by effective use of ICT.

The trust has designed the basic framework which has been field tested in few schools and now desires to enhance the deliverable and ensure that its outreach increases.


Increase overall education index through:

  • Up gradation of  knowledge & skills of the teachers and enhance the process of knowledge transfer through easy to use, relevant, updated and interactive  audio-visual online content
  • Reaching out to children from low income groups and those living in remote areas such that they have easy access to relevant educational content 


  1. Build capacity of teachers by providing them with session objectives and related audio-visual content  which can be used contextually for optimum results
  2. Carry out  “training of trainers” programs for selected resource persons to guide teachers on the optimum utilization of online educational content
  3.  Provide low cost and appropriate  ICT technology and consultancy for efficient delivery of teaching / learning
  4. Create easy to use platform enabling teaching / learning to be more interactive and interesting


  • Establishing a core team consisting of content curators and subject matter experts along with management and support staff
  • Gathering and  organizing online content related to Primary and Vocational education consisting of curriculum, session / lesson objectives and audio-visual training aids relevant  to each session  in English and other Indian languages
  • Developing an easy-to-use platform for accessing the educational package accessible  across different devices
  • Evolving a mix of simple, commonly available and cheap hardware device configurations to suit the end user’s requirement
  •  Identifying leading providers of educational content and vetting the same for inclusion in our package
  • Contacting and collaborating with selected content providers to enter into collaborative arrangement to use their material 
  • Contacting and collaborating with selected hardware and internet service providers to arrive at most cost effective package for the targeted schools
  •  Identifying schools for piloting the project
  • Training of trainers to undertake orientation and familiarization workshops for the targeted school teachers and subsequent training of teachers
  • Carrying out pilot of the project in  selected schools in collaboration with partner agencies
  • Organizing regular monitoring and feedback from the pilot to enable modification of the educational package and the methodology of implementation
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