Now anyone can pursue his/her dream of teaching online

posted Jun 10, 2016, 3:50 AM by indiaEschool   [ updated Jun 10, 2016, 3:50 AM by Vijay Raina ]


I am Rahul Aggarwal and along with my team have been working from past two years towards a mission to make quality education affordable & available to all. To achieve this we have built a platform that empowers educators/trainers to teach online.

Challenges Our Platform Addresses:-

  1. Allows an educator to start his/her institution within minutes for free
  2. Embedded tools offers complete teaching solution.
  3. Blends in with your offline-teaching practices.
  4. It helps NGO's and government in their rural education initiative by-
       a) Overcoming the issue of low availability of quality teachers
       b) Saving them from high setup costs of satellite classrooms & hardware

Platform's Underlying Magic:-

  1. Personalize institution page to teach & earn
  2. Live class tool works on low bandwidth 
  3. Create unlimited lectures, quizzes & assignments for free 
  4. Create & sell your courses on marketplace 
  5. Pay as you go platform i.e. "we earn only when you earn", till then its free to use.
We have also crafted a PDF (will not take more than two minutes) that shows how we make this possible.

We Are Looking For:
  1. We are committed to help you in your teaching endeavor and look forward for you to try our platform and give your valuable suggestions.
  2. We would be glad to assist you in running your online institution successfully.
  3. Liked enggHeads? Support us by sharing this mail with other educators. 

For any possible association, please feel free to connect with me on or on call.

Now anyone can pursue his/her dream of teaching online. Lets work together to brighten this world with the power of knowledge!

Rahul Aggarwal | Founder
Mobile: +91-8937003222