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Mathematics - class 7

Sample links from E-Library for class 7 , Mathematics :

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Link #SubjectLevelTopic / ThemeTypeKey WordsLinkLanguage
319Mathematics6,7Fractions & DecimalsVideoMultiplying fractionsLinkEnglish
320Mathematics6,7Fractions & DecimalsVideoDividing fractionsLinkEnglish
321Mathematics6,7Fractions & DecimalsVideoMultiplying fractions word problemsLinkEnglish
349Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoStraight and curved line / line segment and ray / collinear and non- collinear pointsLinkEnglish
350Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoExplains what closed and open figure is. It explains about line and curves in detailLinkEnglish
351Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoAngle with real life examples / parts of angle (vertex, arm etc.) and shows how to measure an angle.LinkEnglish
352Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoDefines a CircleLinkEnglish
353Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoHow To Draw A CircleLinkEnglish
354Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoNet of 3D shapes / Nets of solid shape / Different nets of cubeLinkEnglish
355Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoNets of cuboids and prism unfolding it in different ways.LinkEnglish
356Mathematics6,7GeometryVideoNets of pyramid unfolding it in different ways.vLinkEnglish
365Mathematics6,7Factors & MultiplesVideoFind factors of a number such that all the factors are prime numbers / ladder methodLinkEnglish
366Mathematics6,7Factors & MultiplesVideoFind all prime factors of a large number / ladder method / upside division method.LinkEnglish
367Mathematics6,7Factors & MultiplesVideoCommon Factors and HCFLinkEnglish
368Mathematics6,7Factors & MultiplesVideoHow to find HCF Using Division By Common Factors MethodLinkEnglish