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Project 'DLTP'

posted Oct 29, 2017, 5:38 AM by indiaEschool   [ updated Oct 29, 2017, 9:17 PM ]
Number of agencies working in education domain are planning to implement ICT to improve learning among children.

indiaEschool.com was started with a similar aim - to improve primary education amongst children from low income groups or those living in remote areas, with the help of internet.

Over the period of last few years the initiative has evolved into ‘Digital Learning & Teaching Program’ (DLTP) which is based on the concept of utilizing the power of internet to enhance education. The program tries to fulfill the requirement of such agencies.

In the Indian context, availability and affordability of internet and mobile connectivity has improved considerably in the last few years and this has brought in great potential to bridge the digital gap between haves and have-nots of our population. However at an individual student level ( for the masses and particularly for low-income groups) access to internet is still a challenge. Hence the program is designed to intervene through teachers & instructors using both formal school system and the informal structures like tuition and other learning centers.

DLTP focuses on enhancing capability of teachers, para-teachers & instructors, working in different school systems & learning centers. The program works in a consulting mode wherein services are provided to partner organizations and their schools / centers through training-workshops, followed by hand holding support (including Virtual E-Classes) and a guided access to online content through E-Library.

The consulting program is a one-year long project. However, it can be altered depending upon the intensity of engagement required by the partner organization. 

The main components of the program are:
Assessing and evaluating exact needs of these learning centers
Workshops and Trainings for capacity building of Teachers & center coordinators
Content curation and access
Guidance for setting up of E-classes
Support for Teachers & center coordinators through 'Virtual E-Classes’