What we want to do....

Increase Outreach
  • Identify cluster of schools and partner agencies so as to increase the outreach to remote areas and to children of low income groups
  • Set up 'E-Classes' in these schools / centers
  • Build capacity of school teachers and center coordinators, through training workshops (for using ICT / platform )
  • Build capacity through TOT (training of trainers) mode so that the trainers are further capable of hand-holding and training above mentioned teachers
  • Build partnerships with other agencies working in education domain
Strengthen Content
  • Create a dedicated team of content curators who are able to curate interesting & interactive online content and index it for an easy access by the teachers
  • Build a team of  SMEs (subject matter experts) who will vet the curated content on regular basis
  • Build strong and meaningful collaboration with educational content providers , both non-profit and for-profit organizations 
Build Robust Infrastructure
  • Build strong and meaningful collaboration with 'hardware' manufacturers for a dependable and easy to maintain infrastructure for the 'Learning Centres'
  • Build strong and meaningful collaboration with ISPs ( internet service providers ) for a dependable last mile (net) connectivity


  • Implement a monitoring framework which collects feedback from the ground level and continuously improves the delivery of teaching-learning process