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English Level A

Level A is equivalent to class 1 to 3 .

 Sl.No. Theme   Theme Objectives Library Links
(a) Listening & Watching
(b) Reading & Writing
(c) Speaking

- Recognise letter of English alphabets in combination and syntax
- Correlate letters with objects and read loud
- Copy consonants, vowels and join letters
- Write from dictation
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 2 Word Play
- Read words and arrange letters to form words , known words, read from board
- Correlate words with objects and read loud 
- Produce sounds such  as vowels and consonant sounds
- Speak with correct and standard pronunciation discriminating /s/j/v/b/dz/z/w/z sounds
- Read handwriting of other people
- Write letters / words in correct shapes, sequence and spacing of letters and words
- Take dictation of words and simple sentences

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- Repeat recite simple sentences ,poems and songs with gestures and actions
- Answer simple questions with simple words or full sentences
- Seek and provide necessary information about familiar people,place or things
- Narrate short stories / poems with proper voice modulation
- Describe simple objects/events/places/people
- Ask questions / speak about himself, others
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- Rhymes & Poems
- Listen with understanding to simple, familiar and popular rhymes,poems 
- Read aloud poems,sing songs
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  - Stories & TalesListen with understanding to simple, familiar and popular tales Search Library
  - Narration
- Listen descriptions, narrations with understanding
- Understand conversations/dialogues regarding life situations
- Understand oral request , instructions (general & specific) commands and questions
- Carry out simple activities as directed
- Pick up standard pronunciations of words used in everyday life like situations
- Understand riddles
- Speak dialogues, narrate short , simple stories
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- Noun
- Pronoun
- Verb
- Adjective
- Adverb
- Preposition
- Conjunction
- Tenses

-Using Grammar

- Naming words( object,people,animals,things) & proper nouns (specific names)
- Replacing  words (He,she,they,I,we,you,it), Number and gender (singular,plural) ; 
Action / Doing words (come ,g,sleep,is ,are,am,was,were)
- Describing words (people,things)
- Describing actions ( with - 'ly')
- Place ( at, in,under,beside) ; Time (to,from,at,on) ; Directions (to,from)
- and , but
- Simple Present statements (is, am , are ) ; Imperatives only Present Tense

- Use language and practice grammar
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