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English Level B

Level B is equivalent to class 4 & 5 

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 a Listening Writing &  SpeakingWord Play- Write neatly and legibly
- Use punctuation marks such as (.) (,) ("  ") (?) and capital letters
- Write with correct format and spaces 

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Sentences- Understand series of oral instructions 
- Speak /participate unhesitatingly in formal and informal conversation / discussion
- Describe unfamiliar objects / things he possesses or sees
- Speak about himself, his achievements, failures,likes,dislikes (use of I'am ,I've)
- Say a few linked sentences about his experience in context / describe ,narrate some events , situations briefly
- Introduce friends ,relatives using describing words
- Make formal announcements
- Give instructions to be carried out by others
- Make enquiries about people,things,places and objects

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 c Rhymes & Poems- Listen with understanding longer poems 

 e Stories & Tales- Listen with understanding longer stories or description of people,places and objects  Search Library
 f Narration- Listen with understanding to simple speeches on topic related to life experiences / issues
- Read connected prose passages with understanding 
- Understand conversation and dialogues in unfamiliar situations , life related
- Understand advertisements and news on TV / Radio
- Write standard piece such as letter, paragraph (using guidelines offered)
- Write free composition , story,letter
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 g Grammar- Noun

- Pronoun

- Verb

- Determiners

- Adjective

- Word Formation

- Preposition

- Conjunction

- Tenses

- Concord
- Naming words (countable and uncountable) / Collective Noun / Material Noun
- Classification (Personal pronouns / Relative Pronouns / Interrogative Pronouns )

- Articles ( a, an, the ) , Some , many ,any

- Quantitative 

- Prefix and suffix / Antonyms / Singular Plural / Genders

- Position ( under, on ,over, near, behind,in front of, below

Simple Present (do,does,is,am,are,)
Simple Past (was, were, did, didn't) ,past form
Statements and Responses

Imperatives ( suggestions/advice/instruction)

Interrogative seeking reply and information
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