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English Level C

Level C  equivalent to class VI -VIII

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 Listening - understand use of vocabulary items and meanings of speakers involved in unfamiliar conversation
- understand introductory speeches made by speakers
- understand detailed instructions to be carried out
- comprehend meaning of unfamiliar words , phrases in context
- understand the intent of the speaker

  • listening to announcements / instructions / commands/ requests / suggestions negations 
  • conversations / dialogues / speeches / description
  • stories  / poems / prose passage
  • recognizing the sounds and putting words in cluster of words with similar sounds

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 Speaking- speak for longer duration with coherence of ideas
- deliver short speeches on different occasions
- sum up speech delivered by the speaker
- extend welcome to visitors and thank them for their co-operation
- recite poems with appropriate modulation
- have reasonable control over volume of speech
- speak / participate in discussions without prior preparations
- make suggestions or interrupt in a befitting manner
- use appropriate vocabulary to convey intent
- pronounce well with appropriate stress, pauses and rise and fall
- report orally what he had heard or read as an activity to brief others
- use courteous words / expressions 

  • participation in pair work , group work / discussions
  • individual performance ( speeches,welcome , thanks giving, description of place / person / object )
  • summing up , giving commentary
  • making enquiries / providing information , use of appropriate language in different contexts
  • reporting events /incidents / narrating stories

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 Reading- read a given passage or provided input with proper understanding of the content / message / ideas of the passage      without undue halt and with proper modulation
- read silently with understanding of the intent of the writer , puzzle out the word meanings in context and central idea  of the familiar / unfamiliar text material independently and unaided
- understand sequence of narratives and also re-order jumbled sentences / words
- infer meanings even when not explicitly stated
- read newspaper , magazines, posters, comic strips , any other printed as well as hand written materail with  understanding
- refer to a dictionary , atlas , maps and other reference material

  • A good stock of unseen prose passages - Factual / Reflective / Literary
  • The learner be able to read the given input (text) and answer questions on Content , Organise relevant matter in proper sequence / Transcribe the information contained in passage / Interpret given table, tree diagram, pie chart . Compare characters / events / incidents / statements

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 Writing- write a sustained piece of writing ( controlled as well as free ) such as personal and official letters, applications and paragraphs of familiar topics
- give factual description of events , people or places
- write original stories or re-write stories read or heard earlier
- report conversation already heard, in writing
- write brief messages, notices, instructions
- write short speeches of different occasions
- write with appropriate punctuation marks

  • Short compositions
  • Guided / controlled  messages / stories / events / incidents
  • Long composition  (stories, speeches, reporting events, letters
  • Letters (formal) - complaints, requests, enquiry, placing order, application
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 Grammar 1. Noun
  - Abstract Noun

2. Verbs
 -Transitive / Intransitive

3. Adjectives
- Degrees of comparison

4. Transformation of Sentences
-positive / negative / interrogative
- clauses and phrases , linkers
- simple and complex sentences
- active and passive

5. Word formation
- prefix  and suffix
- transformation of parts of speech

6. Tenses
- Continuous (progressive ) with 'ing'
- Perfect ( has/ have/ had) Particle form of the verb

7. Phrasal verbs

8 Reporting ( speech)
- Events and dialogues ( tenses , person)

9 Revision of concepts
-Clauses / phrases

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