Social Science (Level C)

Level C is equivalent to Class 6, 7 & 8

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 1 Nomadic Life Beginning of agriculture,settlements, development of community life, mixed farming Search
 2 Vedic Culture & Aryans Social , Economic ,Political life. Ramayana & Mahabharata. Sources of information 
 3 Mauryan Empire Nanda dynasty, Janapedas, Mahajanapedas. Mauryas, Rise of Jainism and Buddhism,  Foreign  invasions - Sakas, Parthians 
 4 Gupta Empire Chandragupta, Samudragupta, Pallavas, Chalukyas (  political history,cultural,administrative) 
 5 Harshavardhana History of  Harshavardhana Kanishka, Cholas, Cheras. Pandyas
 6 Delhi Sultanate Establishment of Delhi Sultanate, coming of Arabs, Invasions of Ghazani & Ghori, Slave        Dynasty,  Tughlaks, Khiljis.  Rise of Province kingdoms of the South 
 7 Mughal Empire Babur's invasion and Lodhis, Rajputs, Sher Shah Suri, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan,  Aurangzeb,  ( administrative and cultural achievements ) 
 9 British Empire

 Coming of British and rise of regional powers to British colonial system - agrarian, trade  and  industry and its impact on the country. 
 10 Social & Religious Reforms Reform movement in 19th. century. Education and its impact. 
 11 Revolt of 1857 Revolt and its changes in British administration, other revolts- Jats,Sikhs, Satnami etc 
 12 Nationalist Movement Rise of Nationalist Movement 
 13 Art & Culture Painting , literature, sculpture and its development 
 14 India after Independence India after Independence 
 15 Our  Earth Solar system and big bang theory (introduction). Motions of Earth, Rotation, Revolution,  Day and  Night, change of seasons . Latitudes, longitudes standard meridian, local time 
 16  Internal Structure of Earth Crust , Mental and core, Realms of Earth Lithosphere, Hydrosphere,Atmosphere  and Biosphere. Formation of continents and oceans and Continental Drift theory 
 17  Major Land Forms Mountains, Plateau and Plains , Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquake and Tsunami waves 
 18 Weathering gradation Gradation and degradation , type of weathering, Physical , chemical and Biological weathering ,  agents of weathering , glaciers,water, air, sea waves, plants and animals. Land formations like  valleys, cirque Horn, Morain, water fall, Ox Bow Lake, Meanders, Delta, Barkhan, Rock cliff, beach,  sea bridge etc. 
 19 Composition of Atmosphere  Temperature zones, air pressure and winds , humidity, weather and climate 
 20 Oceans Relief features of ocean bottom, Movement of ocean water waves, tides and currents. Ocean Resources 
 21  India Physical divisions of India, Monsoon climate of India. Resources of India , soil, types of soil, soil  conversation , water resource, harvesting of water, Hydro power, forest resources,  deforestation, afforestation , wild life, National Parks and Abhyaranya of India 
 22 Mineral Resources Metallic and non-metallic, Iron, Coal , Petroleum, Atomic, Atomic power stations of India 
 23 Agriculture Types of Agriculture, main crops, cereal, beverages,fiber and commercial crops, crop seasons,  Rabi Karif and Jayad. Green Reveolution 
 24 Industry  Industries of India from ancient to modern days. Iron, Textile ,Chemical. Comparative study of Tata  Nagar Jamshedpur and Detroit of USA and Mumbai, Osaka (Japan) 
 25 Transportation &  Communication Road , Rail and Water trasport . Satellite communication and National & International trade 
 26 Population Population in context of India, Birth rate , Death rate , Sex ratio, Problems due to thick population. Human settlements - urban and rural . Comparative study of life of people of Amazon and Ganga river valley 
 27 Diversity Diversity in India (linguistic, cultural, socio-religious) , Diversity as a source of conflict
 Unity and Diversity in India - need for peace and harmony
 28 Understanding Society Social life - Gender, Family , Community ,Economic life - Division of labour, contribution of women  as work force 
 29 Government The need of government / Various forms of government / Functioning of democratic govt. 
 30 The Constitution Ideals of Indian Constitution e.g. Secularism , Fundamental Rights & Duties 
 31 Structure of Government Parliamentary Democracy, Parliament - composition & functioning / Executive - President,  PM,council of ministers 
 32 Judiciary Lower to Higher courts 
 33 State Government Legislature and Executive 
 34 Local Government Rural and Urban 
 35 Institutional Representation Universal Adult Franchise, Elections, Political parties, Media, Coalition government 
 36 Social Justice Marginalised groups - SC,ST,OBCs, forms of social inequality , Reservation 
 37 Economic Presence of Govt. Infrastructure and social sector 

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