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Maths Level B

Level B  is equivalent to class 4 & 5                                

 Sample Links   Objectives
  • Read and compare numbers 
  • Placing numbers in units,tens, thousands 
  • Nearest rounded numbers
  • Roman numbers
  • Properties of Addition
  • Addition by Using Figures and on Number Line
  • Forward Counting Method and Vertical Method of Addition

  • Students master the four basic operations (addition,subtraction,multiplication,division)  with whole numbers, effectively apply and use them

  • Using addition for introduction of multiplication
  • 2 digit multiplication
  • Math tricks
  • Students compute with fractions and decimals. They understand and use ratio and percentage and understand the equivalence of the concepts of fractions, decimals and percent and fraction notation of ratio

  • Currency and Market 
  • Market transaction
  • Days ,weeks, months
  • Daily activities
  • Knowledge of standard units of measurement, metric system of units and understand units of time
  • Know the relations between the units and be able to compute with them including simple whole number conversions
  • Idea of the sizes of the units and estimate measurements and choose a suitable unit for measuring something
  • Understand meaning of perimeter and are able to compute it for rectangular figures


  • Measure and draw a line segment and understand properties of lines
  • Know about an angle, its measurement and different types of angles
  • Know about perpendicular and parallel lines and draw them.
  • Draw square and rectangle, know properties of parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium and terms related to a circle
  • Identify similar and congruent figures and all lines of symmetry for symmetric figures
  •  Shape & Number pattern
  •  Odd man out
  •  Data Handling

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