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Science Level C

Level C is equivalent to Class 6, 7 & 8

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 The Nature in General  
 Exploring NatureMeaning of nature , cite examples / various natural resources / distinguish between natural and man-made resources / natural resources as renewable and non-renewable and living and non-living / interdependence of plants and animals and need for balance in nature / judicious management and conservation of natural resources Search Library
 AirPresence of air / composition and importance of its each constituent / humidity and its relation with weather / air pollution / common air pollutants and their sources / hazards of air pollution / ways of preventing air pollution Search Library
 WaterWater cycle, conservation , rain water harvesting Search Library
 Waste Management
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 Matter and Materials  
 Matter Around UsMatter with examples / classify matter properties / three states of matte and inter-convertibility / characteristics of elements, compounds and mixture with examples / define atom and molecule , explain how atom is smallest stable particle of element / explain valency with examples / formulae of few chemicals compounds used in daily life / need and different ways of separation of substance from mixture / relationship between type of constituents and method of separation Search Library
 Acids, Bases and Salts

Define Acids , bases and salts with common examples / properties of acids and bases and relate them with formation of salts / common salts and their uses / presence of acids , bases and salts in items of everyday use Search Library
 Carbon and its compoundsCarbon as an element and its presence in nature / name materials rich in carbon such as charcoal, coal, carbon black and mention their uses/ /distinguish between two forms of carbon- graphite and diamond  / explain uses of graphite and diamond / uses of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide Search Library
 FuelsFuels with examples / recognize necessity of fuel in everyday life / compare types of fuels / elementary idea of formation of petroleum / common petroleum products and their properties and uses / measures of conservation of fuel Search Library
 Materials We UseDifferentiate between material and object / examples of materials used in everyday life / meaning of minerals with examples / list properties and uses of minerals / appreciate mineral wealth of India / define Ore with examples / distinguish between metals and non -metals / list uses of common metals / define alloys list properties and uses of alloys of zinc, copper,iron and aluminium / relate depletion of naturally occurring materials with man-made materials / list examples and uses of some man-made materials ( synthetic fibers, polythene, soap, fertilizers ) / explain bio-biodegradability / demerits of man-made non -bio biodegradability Search Library
 Changes Around Us  
 Changes in Daily LifeList number of changes occurring around us, natural and induced / differentiate slow and fast change / distinguish between periodic & non-periodic / physical and chemical change / describe fermentation / combustion , kinds of combustion with examples Search Library
 Evolutionary ChangeTrace evolution of life from single celled to multi-cellular organisms / similarity between animals and plants in their basic structure/ importance of fossils in explaining evolution / example of dinosaurs as evidence of evolutionary change / evolution of more complex forms Search Library
 Devastating ChangesDifferentiate between normal and devastating change / few earthquakes in recent past in India / kind and extent of damages due to earthquake / describe volcano / causes and effects of volcano / relationship  between distribution of volcano and earthquake belts on world map / causes of occurrence of cyclone / examples o cyclones in India / damages caused by cyclones / precautionary measures during cyclone / damages caused by drought / precautionary measures during drought / common causes of flood and damages caused / precautionary measures during flood / global warming and its effects / precautionary measures to prevent global warming Search Library
Motion and Force
 Motion & Distance
 Motion & Time 
Motion and rest with examples / types of motion such as linear , periodic with examples / difference between distance and displacement with examples / define measurement / need for Standard International units of measurement / measure volume of irregular objects / unit of distance , time and relationship between the two / define speed and its unit / causes of motion i.e. force / different types of force / weight and mass and their units / difference between weight and mass/ three laws of motion and their uses in daily activities / Friction - advantages and disadvantages / effects of Gravitational Force Search Library
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 Simple MachinesSimple machines - lever, pulley, wheel , inclined plane with examples / how machines work / lever - its classification , examples and applications Search Library
 PressurePressure with examples , demonstrate atmospheric pressure with experiments / relationship between speed of fluids and pressure / distinguish pressure, force and thrust with examples / buoyancy / applications of Archimedes principle/ importance of vacuum giving examples Search Library
 What is EnergyExplain energy / various Forms of Energy /  state different units of energy /  list different sources of Energy / classify into conventional & non-conventional sources / need of non-conventional sources / Sun as ultimate source of energy / need for proper management and conservation of energy Search Library
 Mechanical Energy
 Explain Mechanical energy with examples / list various forms of mechanical energy / difference between kinetic and potential energy with examples / inter-conversion between different forms of energy / explain Heat as energy and its unit / explain Temperature and units of its measurement / handle and read thermometers / difference between boiling point and melting point of substance / explain heat can cause expansion of solid,liquid and gas / state mode of transmission of heat energy / identify effects of heat and radiation in our life / reasons for unequal distribution of sun's energy on earth Search Library
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 Sources of Light/ classify sources as luminous & non-luminous with example / distinguish among transparent, translucent and opaque objects and cite examples / demonstrate light travels in straight line / demonstrate shadows and co-relate them with eclipse / difference between lunar and solar eclipses / explain safety measures to adopted during solar eclipse / demonstrate and list properties of light such as reflection and refraction / list various types of lenses and their uses / draw and explain structure of eye / give reasons for proper care of eye / describe sound as energy with examples / explain vibrations cause sound / demonstrate some medium is required for sound to travel / give various characteristics of sound / list various uses of sound  by humans and animals / recognize any sound which is intolerable is sound pollution Search Library
 Explain static electricity with examples, difference between positive and negative charge and attraction and repulsion between them / give reasons for lightening in sky / explain transmission of electricity with example / mention sources of electric current , dry cell and electric generator / distinguish between electric current in cell and household electricity / list possible hazards due to mishandling of electric current , suggest precautionary measures / recognize need of earth wire and fuse wire in electric circuits / state importance of electricity in daily life & need for proper management / define magnetism and give properties of magnet / list uses of magnet ( magnetic compass) locate separation of an element from mixture etc. / explain electromagnetism and its application Search Library
 Life Processes  
 The Living WorldDifferentiate between living and non-living, identify variety of living beings(mosses to plants, from ants to animals), list similarities & differences among living forms, classify various living forms into five major groups (bacteria,algae,fungi,plants & animals), explain role of energy in life process (producers consumers/ decomposers) Search Library
 Living Beings- Structure &  FunctionsIllustrate general structure of single-celled organism (amoeba/ chlamydomonas), draw / label structure of fungus like bread mould, list various parts of plant, identify body outline in animals (sponge, scorpion, butterfly, fish, bird, elephant) Search Library
 Functions of Plant BodyExplain plants are able to produce own food with help of CO2 and H2O in presence of light, classify plants into autotrophs, saprotrophs, parasites,insectivorous plants with examples, explain process of ascent of sap from roots to upper parts of plant, describe movement of food manufactured in leaves to other parts of plant, explain plants also respire, explain plants also excrete certain products from body such as water,gum,resins , relate growth in plants to increase in plant substance, explain methods by which plants produce their own kinds, increase their number and maintain their race, list ways of dispersal of seeds in plants Search Library
 Working of Human Body-I
 Body Movements
Describe human body with sets of structures acting in co-ordinated manner / list systems related to support and movement ( skeleton and muscle ) , nutrition, respiration, and transport of materials / differentiate between breathing and respiration / describe organs concerned with respiration / list organs concerned with circulation of body fluid / draw structure of heart and describe its working / explain importance of blood Search Library
 Working of Human Body-IIExplain urinary system , idea about urine formation and excretion / describe organs and working of male and female reproductive system / describe parts of nervous system- brain, spinal cord, nerves (sensory and motor) / indicate complexity of brain and high level of intelligence in humans / list sensory organ of humans , describe functions of eyes and ears Search Library
 Better Living  
 Healthy LifeExplain advantages of healthy life / relate importance of food to healthy life, list constituents of food - fats, carbohydrates , proteins, minerals, vitamins / identify sources of food constituents / explain concept of malnutrition, under-nutrition , over-nutrition / list and identify dietary deficiency diseases, vitamin deficiency , PEM, mineral deficiency / explain concept of balanced diet and use of five food groups / explain obesity, give reason and ways of prevention / identify need for personal and environmental hygiene / develop various hygienic habits / explain disease, giving examples causes and symptoms of common diseases ( fever, gastroenteritis, cough and could , jaundice, water bone disease, chicken pox, measles) , suggest means for prevention of these diseases / explain meaning of immunization / explain consequences o loss of immunity Search Library
 Body Care Identify need for care of every part of body / justify need to establish healthy habits / explain need and methods of taking care of teeth, eyes, ears, hair, nails / identify importance of healthy food habits / need for adequate sleep and rest / need for cleanliness of surroundings Search Library
 Plants and Food ProductionJustify food as one of primary needs / explain need for increasing food production /list major steps towards producing more food / explain Green revolution / list common practices for improving agriculture yield / describe ways of providing better irrigation / explain meaning of white revolution  / describe blue revolution / describe role of poultry / differentiate between fertilizer and manure / explain need f judicious use of fertilizers / name common pests and methods of control/ differentiate between pesticide and weedicide / explain need for proper harvesting and storage / describe significance of crop rotation and multiple farming in soil management / list improved varieties of wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables / explain need for food preservation / describe conventional methods of food preservation / outline steps in pasteurization of milk / differentiate between pasteurization and sterilization  Search Library
 CommunicationExplain communication in animals / list means of communication / identify progress in means of communication (IT) / construct crude telephone / explain various kinds of telephone and principle of working / explain in simple term working of Fax and E-mail / distinguish between educational , information and entertainment value of television / outline in simple terms process of telecast / list use of calculators and computers / explain in simple terms working of computer / appreciate use of Information Technology / explain what is satellite  and its working  Search Library

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