TOT Workshop

- ICT in Education / Using  Digital Learning & Teaching practices
e-Library (Videos, Video Playlists, Simulations, Activities, Worksheets)
Introduction to different Learning Styles
Planning and Management Using ‘Cloud’ for collaboration & management'
 - Monthly / Weekly schedules, Tracker, e-Class Log, AttendanceAssessment
Lesson Planning with e-content
Using Learning Management Systems (LMS) for teaching
Group Activity : Hands-on session on using e-content (Subject-wise / Learning style-wise) 
Group Activity : Hands-on session on creating Monthly schedule, Lesson plans and Attendance trackers
Group Activity : Hands on session on creating assignments in e-Classroom
Group Activity : Demonstration / Presentation  through e-Classroom’ or e-Library’ 
Introduction to e-Workshop’ ( virtual hand holding sessions)