About Us

IndiaEschool is an initiative formed to support education and skill development, with a focus on utilizing the power of Internet.

The initiative aims to :

  • Enhance process of learning & teaching through easy to use, relevant & interactive online content

  • Blend digital & e-learning methods with conventional teaching practices to bring out deeper learning

  • Build value through efficient 'Content Curation & Delivery Processes'

  • Reach out to students from disadvantaged & economically weaker sections

Pilot Project

In 2012, we started the pilot project, offering online educational content to students from under-privileged segments.

Gradually it developed into a more extensive database of online content from various sources on the net, finally shaping into an 'e-Library'.

The content is now offered to many schools and learning centers through 'e-Classrooms'.

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Teacher Training Workshops :

Capacity building workshops for teachers & instructors are regularly held through contact programs as well as virtually through 'e-Workshops'

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Blended Learning

Digital learning & teaching is blended with conventional teaching methods in different schools and centers catering to under-privileged segments and also to those living in remote areas.

The 'Blended Learning & Teaching Program' is offered through different organisations, schools and learning centers.