Using ICT To Augment Teaching Practices In Low Income Schools - (Interview)

posted Nov 9, 2016, 12:40 PM by indiaEschool

There are a number of players in the ‘ICT for Education’ space in India. India E-Schools is a rare organisation that curates education content and maps it to the NIOS curriculum of low income schools in the country and helps augment the education that students in these are receiving. Quality of education in our schools is a grave concern and India E-Schools’ role in helping address this concern is meritorious.

Networked India spoke to Vijay Raina who created IndiaESchool and the organisation that works with the low income schools. Read on to know more about how something that started with a simple aim to augment current teaching practices has become a necessity, the challenges our schools face, how this organisation is tackling some of the pain points, their goals and the challenges they face in achieving.