Content Curation

Content Curation involves selecting, organizing, and looking after the content by subject matter experts, based on following principles :

  • Internet being the largest collaborative endeavor and the biggest library, curation shall utilize the 'Power of Internet'

  • Content shall be mainly visual & interactive, including videos, simulations, exercises, games, quizzes and work sheets

  • Content shall bring out core subject concept clarity, in an easy to understand manner

  • Content shall facilitate user learning such that they are able to retain the concept with no need for rote learning

  • Content shall motivate teacher to blend it with the conventional methods

  • Curated content shall facilitate teacher to dovetail it with her own knowledge and style and reduce her work load

  • The back-end curation team shall build value by indexing the content on the basis of Level / Subject / Topic / Learning Objective

  • The back-end curation team shall help in building concept clarity, by connecting different types of material (videos, exercises, games, worksheets etc.) and also connecting them with actual life examples

  • The back-end curation team shall contextualize content keeping in view different end users, and help manage it into different 'e-Classrooms' and 'e-Tuitions', for its effective use and management


  • A database of curated online content and a quick referencing tool for the content management team

  • Curated online educational content from different sources, giving an enriching experience of different learning styles

  • Curation of more than 12,000 online educational videos, video playlists, animations, activities, simulations & textual material, offered in an easy-to-use format with filters based on LEVEL, SUBJECT, THEME, TOPIC, LANGUAGE & TYPE