Our Story

Our story started, as many good things do, from a class-room. We were on a visit to a school that gives free education to children. The class teacher was struggling a bit to explain difference between words like ' This,That, These & Those'.

As per the book she had already explained that these words were called 'demonstrative adjectives', to primary class students, who could hardly speak English !

We were interested in primary education and were planning to develop a learning platform which would be interesting, more visual and interactive and bring out more concept clarity.

A simple search on YouTube led us view this wonderful video by Bob Wilson (autoEnglish.org) .

We quickly connected our laptop to a projector and an internet dongle, and towards the end of the lesson, all the kids had understood the concept well and the teacher now had a new idea about how to explain this concept to her future students!

Inspired by YouTube, IndiaEschool was born !

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