Blended Learning &Teaching Program

IndiaEschool offers 'Blended Learning & Teaching Program', which has evolved through ground level implementations and continuous feedback from users.

The program focuses on utilizing the power of Internet and on strengthening basic concepts of science, mathematics and language skills.

Main components of the program are:

  • Content through ‘e-Classroom ’, consisting of curated and interesting online material of different types (Videos, Games, Activities, Simulations, Quizzes & Exercises etc.) from different sources
  • Tools for utilizing the content and guidance for setting up of e-Classes
  • Training through regular online and offline workshops ( ‘e-Workshops ’ & ‘Contact Workshops ’ )

Program Offerings:

For Partner Organizations / Schools / Teachers:

  • Low cost and appropriate ICT technology and consultancy for efficient delivery of teaching-learning process in classrooms
  • Easy to use platform for more interactive and interesting teaching-learning
  • Support for teachers for optimum utilization of online educational content throughe-Classrooms
  • Support for teachers through planning tools, ‘Lesson Planning Schedule ’ & ‘Lesson Planning Register
  • Contact Workshops ’ & ‘e-Workshops ’ for providing support throughout the year to address issues and ensure effective implementation
  • Support for management through ‘Customized Online Management Reports’

For Students:

  • Enrollment / Registration in different ‘e-Classrooms ’ for accessing relevant ‘Classwork ’ which includes Material / Assignments / Questions and Quizzes arranged as per ‘Curriculum Mapping’
  • Flexibility to complete the ‘Classwork’ at their own pace or as per scheduled time frame
  • Online interaction with ‘e-Classroom’ teachers for regular support and feedback
  • Contact classes with teachers / subject matter experts, if required
  • Online sessions / coaching conducted by our teachers through 'e-Tuition'