e-Workshop is a virtual session conducted through 'Zoom' or 'Google Meet', providing regular support to address issues and ensure effective implementation.

e-Workshops typically cover following agenda:

  • Internet and Using the Power of Internet for Education

  • Digital Learning & Teaching practices / Learning styles

  • Using Learning Management Systems (LMS) for teaching

  • Using e-content for subject concept clarity

  • Using curated content Classwork / Assignments through ‘e-Classroom

  • Lesson Planning with e-content and 'Lesson Planning Tools'

  • Planning through Curriculum Topics & Sub-Topics (key concepts)

  • Planning & Tracking through Monthly / Weekly Schedules & e-Logs

  • Group Activity : Hands-on session : Using e-content (e-Library & e-Classroom)

  • Group Activity : Hands-on session : Creating assignments in e-Classroom

  • Group Activity : Demonstration / Presentation through ‘e-Classes'

  • Introduction to virtual hand holding sessions

If you are interested in our e-Workshop, please contact us.