FREE batch (Batch:20-09) for classes 3rd. to 8th. as per the following schedule:

(Online classes on Mobile Phones through Zoom & Google Classroom)

Main features of the program :

  • Parents lend mobile phones to their children for one-hour daily

  • Students join different classes through a dedicated portal, specially started for this program

  • Once communication channel is opened through WhatsApp, students are guided on how to use video conferencing tools, and they join e-Tuition (online classes conducted through Google Meet or Zoom)

  • Students are also taught how to use Google-Classroom, and they join our e-Classrooms, providing them subject-wise and topic-wise educational content, comprising of videos, worksheets and exercises

All NGOs, students and schools can join the batch by clicking on the join button. Further information will be provided once you join the batch.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the cause can donate.