Project- Udaan

Our initiative aims to create educational equity by enhancing learning and skill development of children from all segments of the diverse Indian society.

We have been running various programs to achieve our objective, one of them being the Creative Expression classes.

Post Covid, with students slowly returning to schools we started a new program ‘Udaan’.

Udaan is an Aerial Arts and Vertical Dance project that we run in collaboration with Yskynna Vertical Dance Company of Cornwall, U.K. It has a partner project 'Updraft' running in Cornwall, managed by ‘Yskynna’.

Udaan/Updraft aims to provide a physical and creative developmental experience, building strong foundations in self-confidence, self- expression and creativity among students. Udaan runs as a 2/3 days Contact workshop with our partner NGO’s/ schools. It acts as an enabler to encourage students to see different perspectives and help in reducing socio-economic disparity.

NGO-schools interested in partnering with us, are welcome to contact us.